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President's Message - Jan. 2023

Greetings Brothers and Happy New Year,

Usually, the start of a new year is filled with words of optimism and forward-leaning anticipation of what is ahead. For some a chance to “start over” or “do better”. And although that is in the air for us as a Chapter this year also starts with the transition to Omega Chapter long time Mu Lambda Brother Fred Valentine, (Beta Omicron 1955). So the start of the year is a mix of the somber reality of what awaits us all and a time to celebrate a life well lived, coupled with the start of a brand new year. I hope the reality of the cycle of life focuses and energizes you Brothers throughout the year.

So here we are at the start of our 100th Charter Year. If I look at what is ahead for this year in regard to the preparations and execution of events to celebrate Mu Lambda’s Centennial and the history of Mu Lambda, I look at his as kind of two races, (mind you I have never run track and hated running as a Sphinxman which my line Brothers could attest to). The race to plan, execute, garner support, collect funds etc. for the Centennial events which have been going on now for over a year is more of a sprint, be it the 100 or 200 yard dash. A sprint when compared to the marathon that the existence of Mu Lambda has been for almost 100 years. A marathon that we are all a part of, that started before we were born, and that we are responsible for continuing and protecting this House. This particular 100 year old house in which dwells “all the noble, the true and courageous”, and is “the school for the better making of men”.


Tony Wilson

John "Tony" Wilson, President Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Mu Lambda Chapter 2405 Alpha Phi Alpha Way Washington, DC 20001

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